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It's Not Always Easy to Trust God with our Kids

Whether you're preparing to send your son or daughter off to their first sleepover or to college for the first time, releasing your grip can be hard. You'll never feel like you've done enough to train up your child but you can place your trust in the God who created them. Believe it or not, He loves them even more than you do. He has not set them up to fail and your prayers make a difference!

Show Notes

  • Our kids may fall, fail

  • Trust yourself in how you have raised your kids

  • Know that you have prepared them well for the future

  • Keep your eyes on Jesus

  • Don't give in to fear

"I can't walk in fear with them (kids), I have to trust the Lord. He has prepared them and I've prepared them and they got what it takes to ski down the slopes with the Lord."

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