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Discovering How to Overcome Alcohol Addiction

Stephanie Wrightsman shares her story on how alcohol was her "help" when faced with challenges in her life. Alcohol became THE obstacle that was destructive to her and her family's life but she found hope to overcome!

Podcast Episode

Show Notes

  • Series of painful events and used alcohol as a form of self medication

  • "Life redeemed from ashes to beauty"

  • Ineffective cooping mechanism

  • Wouldn't change the road she went down

  • "To the depth of my pain I experienced the depth of Christs love for me."

  • Isaiah 61

  • Alcohol brought her to God and He restored everything...finances, marriage, relationship

  • "The shame that kept me bound was how I felt as a mother, I love my kids so much and then the neglect that occurred during my drinking was very painful for me to face."

Additional Resources

Learn more about Celebrate Recovery and how they can help overcome challenges of all kinds:


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